Exercise and Weight Loss

You have to consume more calories than you eat and drink in order to lose weight.
It really matters that you cut down on the calories that you consume and drink for weight loss. According to the CDC, that matters most when taking the pounds off.By holding the pounds away, exercise pays off in the long run. Research indicates that the chances of sustaining weight loss can be improved by daily physical activity.

How much workout do I have to do?

Start with only a couple of minutes of workout at a time. Any workout is better than none, and that allows the body to get used to being involved slowly.Your goal is to work most days of the week for at least half an hour in order to get the maximum benefits from exercise.

You can do short spurts if it’s more convenient — 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. Each behavior may not seem like anything by itself, but they add up.You should eventually exercise for longer periods of time and perform more strenuous workouts until you’re in better shape.

You can ramp up the volume when you are up for it and get the same benefits in half the time. Jogging for 30 minutes, for example, has health advantages comparable to walking for 60 minutes.

What sort of workout should I do?

You can do something, such as walking, biking, jogging, swimming, fitness classes, or cross-country skiing, that makes your heart and lungs work harder. Mowing your lawn, dancing out, playing with your kids—everything counts if it flips your pulse.

If you do not exercise and you are a man over the age of 45, a woman over the age of 55, or have a medical condition, ask your doctor if some form of operation should be avoided.

Start with something that’s gentle on the body, like walking or swimming. Function at a steady, relaxed pace so that the body continues to get fit without straining.

Stretch all your muscles at least twice a week after you exercise. That helps keep you flexible and prevent injury.

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