Backpacking Hammock

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Lightweight and handy, preferred by tour pal and riders when they travel or camp outdoors

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– Made of 210T parachute nylon fabric, portable and durable
– Weight capacity is within 150kg, suitable for one person
– Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet
– Strong tensile resistance with 2 pieces of guy ropes
– Easy to carry and pack, can be folded into the attached sack
– Easy fixing, just fix the hammock with two binding strings and tie the string to the trees or poles
– With the parachute nylon fabric wear-resistant, anti-tearing, soft and comfortable


Additional information

Weight 600.0 kg
Dimensions 2700 × 1400 × 100 cm

Sky + gray, Amrygreen+camel, Blue yellow, Yellow blue, Black green + camel, Black, Camel, Orange, Blue + purple, Blue orange, Blue gray, Deep green, Gray, Orange yellow, Blue, Green + gray, Yellow + purple, Dark green + purple, Dark green orange, Camel + purple, Yellow + green, Army green, Orange + gray, Gray + purple, Black green + apple green, Purple, Sky blue blue, Fruit green, Gray + blue, Orange green, Sky blue

7 reviews for Backpacking Hammock

  1. Kelsie

    I brought this backpacking 3 times. The 3rd time I used it, I set it up and it ripped while sleeping. My feet hit the ground and I woke up. It tore, right half in two. No tears in fabric, no boots to tear fabric or anything sharp to cause tear. It simply failed in the middle of the night and I spent the second half of the night sleeping on the ground. Very poor quality product.

  2. Pictureman

    We purchased the hammock in early July but gave it to our son in early August. Nice colors, seemed like a good product. However, the second time he used it, when he was getting out of the hammock, the fabric ripped horizontally (not longitudinally which is how i would expect a hammock to rip if one was to rip) . Anyhow, i am 1 day past the return date because we did not use it until recently as we gave it to him as a gift so i do not know how to contact this seller for a return.
    Please advise.
    thank you

  3. Awasemo

    For twenty three bucks, absolutely awesome. Tried between two trees it was strong and comfy.

    One star off because it’s not using ripstop nylon, so have to be VERY careful to not get in with any sharp edges on your body or anything being held.

  4. Anana

    ammock is excellent, light, compact. I will now train quickly to lay it out and fold it;) I will test next season in wild conditions, if I add any feedback. P.s thanks for the keychain with an elastic band, although I’m a man but still nice)

  5. Mana

    ll right. All right. We have to try. It takes up little space. Wishing to try it and take it on the bike

  6. Briegs

    I purchased this to replace a hammock my daughter had that ripped. She is 16 and has no problem setting this up quickly. She loves it! We do take it down after each use and do not leave it out over night. I’m not sure how well the material will hold up in the elements over time.

    The carrying case is nice, but it is challenging to get it back in the bag each time so my daughter now keeps it in a supermarket bag, making for a much easier in and out.

    She and i can both sit in it comfortably together. I like that it doesn’t swallow you up like i felt her last one did.

  7. jesena

    We’ve seen people all the time with those at their campsites and we finally decided to buckle and get a hammock too (join in on the fun ;-)). This one was nice and lightweight, somewhat decend to set up and holds sturdy for now. I did not try and have me and my husband in there together, the weight rating says it’s easily possible, but I didn’t trust the hammock to hold that. 1 person fine, 2 kids easy, but two adults… didn’t want to end up falling down.

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