Foot Drop / Dorsiflexion Foot Support


  • Drop Foot / Foot Drop
  • Flaccid Foot Drop
  • Peroneal Neuropathies
  • Flaccid Paralysis
  • Dysfunctional Gait
  • Weak dorsiflexors
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A lightweight and flexible textile foot drop orthosis that offers tension and foot support by helping to raise the forefoot, lifting the foot to prevent falls and trips whilst walking. Our drop foot orthosis allows adequate flexibility in the foot to aid walking normally. It is recommended for those suffering from drop foot / foot drop (a gait abnormality where the forefoot drops and there is an inability to raise the forefoot), peroneal neuropathies, dysfunctional gait or ankle instabilities. Easy to fit, adjust and remove – consists of two pieces – one strap that wraps around the ankle and a non-slip band that wraps around the forefoot. Both of these two parts are linked by a tension strap and is connected by a quick release buckle. Discreet and flexible, our drop foot orthosis takes up little space inside the shoe, it is easy to fit, adjust with Velcro straps and remove.

Indications / Recommendations for Use:

  • Drop Foot / Foot Drop,
  • Flaccid Foot Drop,
  • Peroneal Neuropathies,
  • Flaccid Paralysis,
  • Dysfunctional Gait,
  • Weak dorsiflexors.

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