Frosted Plastic Lemon Cup

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100% Brand new and high quality

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  • 100% new and high quality
  • This item is hot in the everywhere.
  • Sports time, Yoga time, to the Gym and Out door either.
  • The Material of safety wiht simple designs which is your best choice.

Dishwasher safe:

  • Do not use in microwave or with hot or warm liquids.
  • Cup Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Heat temperature: -20 to -110 degrees

Package included:

  • 1 * Water drinking bottle

About The Water Bottle :

★ Color: 7 colors meet your request

★ S Structure: Single layer

★ Heat temperature: -20 to -110 degrees

Additional information

Weight 237.0 kg
Dimensions 240 × 80 × 80 cm

Blue 4pcs, 2orange 1green 1blue, Black Green, 2green 2blue, 3rose 1blue, 1black 3blue, 1black 1green 2blue, 1black 3green, Black, Green Blue, Orange, 2green 2rose, Black 2pcs, 1orange 3black, 1black 2rose 1blue, 2orange 2green, Orange Green, 1orange 2rose 1blue, Green 2pcs, 3black 1rose, 1black 2green 1rose, 2green 1rose 1blue, Orange Rose red, Set A, 3black 1green, Set C, 1orange 2green 1rose, Set B, 1black 1green 2rose, 1orange 1green 2rose, 2black 2rose, 3orange 1green, Set D, 1green 2rose 1blue, Rose red, 1black 1rose 2blue, Rose red 4pcs, 3black 1blue, 1orange 2green 1blue, 2orange 1green 1rose, 1orange 1green 2blue, Yellow, 1orange 1rose 2blue, 1black 3rose, 2black 2blue, Black Blue, 2rose 2blue, 3green 1blue, Blue 2pcs, 1orange 1black 2green, Black Rose red, 1green 1rose 2blue, 1green 3rose, 1green 3blue, Orange 2pcs, 2orange 1black 1green, Orange Black, 2orange 2black, 2orange 1rose 1blue, 3orange 1blue, 1black 2green 1blue, Black 4pcs, 2black 1rose 1blue, 1rose 3blue, Orange Blue, Green 4pcs, 1black 1green 1rose 1blue, Rose red Blue, 3orange 1black, 2orange 1black 1rose, 1orange 2black 1blue, Green Rose red, 3orange 1rose, Blue, 2orange 2blue, 2black 1green 1blue, 1orange 1black 2rose, 1orange 1black 2blue, Orange 4pcs, 2orange 1black 1blue, 2orange 2rose, 1orange 2black 1rose, White, Rose red 2pcs, 2black 2green, 3green 1rose, 1orange 3green, 1orange 2black 1green, 1orange 3blue, 2black 1green 1rose, 1orange 3rose, Green

1 review for Frosted Plastic Lemon Cup

  1. Carel

    I use this cup every summer , i only recommend

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