Massage Fascia Gun

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Electric massage gun-Silicone handle is easier to grip and prevents slipping and falling from hands. Professional deep tissue muscle massage gun and noise reduction technology for a high-power but low-noise experience. You can easily use it at home, gym, office for yourself or others.

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  • Detachable massage head: It adopts a quick plug-in massage head structure, which can be easily replaced and restores common pressing methods, which is enough to meet the needs of different massages.
  • Battery capacity: 24V / 2500MAH, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, 120 minutes of use time, 180 minutes of charging time.
  • One-button start, six-speed transmission: Multi-frequency vibration design to meet a variety of muscle relaxation needs.
  • Effective: You can use the massager after jogging, aerobics, weight training, yoga. Perfectly relax muscles and reduce pain.


Additional information

Weight 1300.00 kg
Dimensions 270 × 250 × 90 cm

Royal, Red, Black, Grey



14 reviews for Massage Fascia Gun

  1. Adrian

    product arrived, i was satisfied

  2. Elizabeth

    All whole delivery super seller Thank you

  3. Matt

    Fast shipping. Good massager

  4. Ryan

    I was expecting a lot less at this price range, especially considering these things can cost over 300 dollars. I’ve been suffering from piriformis syndrome for about a week or so due to a running injury and it’s been causing nerve pain down both legs. This thing has been great at helping to get to the tight muscle that is causing all this. The build quality is surprisingly good for 46e. It is a bit weak in that if you push too hard on a muscle it slows down or stops the motor but you can counteract that by just using a sharper tip then the foam ball, then you don’t need to push as hard. I’ve never used a nice professional one so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I also see no reason to buy a nicer one until this breaks.

  5. Misty

    I have had this for three days now and love it. It does a great deep muscle massage and is helping me to be able to continue to work. My job is very physical and I was in an auto accident that included back injuries. This helps to relieve the strained muscles when I get home from work. I would highly recommend this. My husband has scar tissue in his neck from radiation treatments. The muscles get knotted up easy and this helps to relieve that as well.

  6. Ferer

    Good product good finish easy to use, however it seems to take time to load

  7. Alip

    Perfect! My husband is satisfied

  8. Ila

    Looks perfect, of good quality. I will leave an additional notice about using it. Very well packaged. Really Protect

  9. Idan

    Just as described, the quality and functionality of this massage gun have exceded my expectations, definitely recommend, the motor is very hardy, pressure against the muscle doesn’t seem to slow it down the preset speed, the massage gun’s shell is rubberised so grip is excellent, and the digital display is very responsive! Great product! Thank

  10. Orion

    Great massage gun! 1) looks great. Rubberized handle, nice color, heavy, nothing dangles and does not creak. The condition is perfect. 2) works as well-tested 40 minutes at maximum speed, everything is fine. The charge rate for this time was discharged by about 30% but it is not accurate, since it can show 70% then 80% in general, keeps the battery excellent, the purchase is very satisfied.

  11. Misa

    this is a high quality massage unit. It hits the muscles deep and helps speed up the recovery time. I love to use this for a few minutes free a workout. I also have problems with my sciatic nerve and this really helps relieve the pressure.

  12. Stear

    ordered this product from a smaller vendor because I was impressed with their listing. I have now been using the unit for about 10 days and find that it has been beneficial in treating my lower back pain and cervical spine pain

  13. Chanon

    the gun has enough power to get the job done quickly within 1-2 mins on the highest speed. It comes with manual and chart to properly use which I like it. It’s not as heavy as other gun I’ve purchased, and I can hold it over 15 mins without feeling fatigue on my arm. The power last quite a long time which helps for using on multiple areas without having to recharge. I recommend this gun for personal use or for business for the value and function.

  14. Ktruck

    So far so good. This has lasted with 3-4 times a week use for a few months. Bought similar item in past amd it died within 3 months so hoping this one lasts. It’s not fancy but it does what I need it too to loosen tight muscles before and after long volleyball tournaments. Not heavy at all and case is compact

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