Fitness Rally Pull Rope 11 Piece

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  • The 11 fitness band set includes 5 ring resistance bands, 2 padded handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps and 1 handbag.
  • [Minimal gym] – whether upper body, leg, abs, back, arms or stretch. 5 coloured hoses with different strengths can withstand 64 resistance levels and are therefore the ideal training equipment for home, office and travel.
  • High quality rubber and TPR foam We focus on processing and raw materials. The double safety ring on the handle reduces wear and extends the life of the expander.
  • HEAVY DUTY HOOK & CARabiner Hook: Each fitness resistance band is equipped with a sturdy carabiner hook at both ends, which is strong, deformed or torn even during heavy tension. The link between the resistance band and the carabiner has been strengthened to ensure safety during use. The carabiner can be quickly attached to the handle, ankle strap and easily removed.
  • Your personal home gym – your private home gym – you can do all kinds of strength exercises. Perfect for strengthening quads, hips, stomach, biceps, triceps, legs and knees. Different training allows you to achieve different muscle and weight loss goals. Enjoy fitness anytime, anywhere.

Package content:
5 * elastic bands: black (30 lbs), blue (25 lbs), red (20 lbs), green (15 lbs), yellow (10 lbs) 2 * piece handles
1 * piece anchor
1 * PC character string
2 * piece ankle straps
1 * carrying bag


Additional information

Weight 480.0 kg
Dimensions 350 × 250 × 100 cm

Q11pcs TPE, 11pcs 2pc, 2PCS 150LB W, 2PCS 150LB, 11pcs 3pc, 11pcs A, Q11pcs 2, Q14pcs, Q11pcs 3pc, Q11pcs 2pc, 150LB, 11pcs, Q11pcs, Q17pcs, 3PCS 150LB, 3PCS 150LB W, Q11pcs Special, 150LB W, Q11pcs B, 17pcs without logo, 100LB W

9 reviews for Fitness Rally Pull Rope 11 Piece

  1. Victoria

    These were referred to me from my BOD coach, and I use them almost daily, of course, depending which workout of the day I am tackling that morning 🙂 .

  2. Nathan

    Great set. Great quality. I use them several times a week and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I actually have two of these sets and the GoFit RAB bar. All together it makes a full gym setup that doesn’t dissapoint!

  3. Delilah

    Very nice set. Seems to be really sturdy and well made. Handles are strong and easy to grip, even for my 65 year old women’s hands. Carabiners are real (not wimpy cheap ones). Using it attached to my exercise bike to work on arms.

  4. Maddox

    Exactly as shown. Good quality. Easy to work out at home.

  5. Alejandro

    Great price for a wonderful product!

  6. Rory

    This product with expand with you! It is a great home gym alternative. Buy it…now.

  7. Olivia Heaven

    Bands have worked as expected. None of them have failed.

  8. Cason

    I like this product and the way that it is made. It works the muscles well and it is just what I needed.

  9. Olana

    Very nice item, thank you!

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