5Pcs – Yoga Set

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Package include yoga ball, yoga blocks, stretching strap, resistance loop band and exercise band. This set will allows you to practice safely with comfort in your own home

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5pcs yoga kit include: 1*Yoga ball, 1*Yoga block, 1*Yoga stretching band, 1*Resistance loop band, 1*cotton strap.
Yoga ball: PVC constructed, free of BPA, for pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training or sports relaxation.
Yoga block: Lightweight foam block provide stability and balance needed in practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increase strength.
Yoga cotton strap: Two D-rings provide great assistance for holding the poses longer and with comfort to increase flexibility of your body.
Stretching band: 59in long latex band for men and women to tone, strengthen and rehab core, upper body, lower body, leg or arms.
Resistance loop band: Help squats, warm up the muscle of hip and legs before fitness and have a stretch of muscle after yoga and other sports.

Additional information

Weight 420.0 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 cm

Pink, Blue, Purple

11 reviews for 5Pcs – Yoga Set

  1. Avery

    The quality is great. I have been using it for about two weeks. I’m very Jason about it…

  2. Aurora

    These are perfect, and a great price for a Complete set.love it

  3. Mackenzie

    I ordered this yoga strap so I could work on my legs stretches to be more flexible. So far, it’s been quite helpful.Besr set ever

  4. Lia

    I find this by the advertising in instagram ! good video

  5. Leesing

    More choice for color pleas

  6. Margaret

    Great quality. It works great for stretching. It’s even better for people without flexibility. I have loved it

  7. Arabella

    The quality of the straps is nice, it feels soft. I love Complete set. So far it’s sturdy.

  8. Adelynn

    Love this strap for stretching after physical therapy…πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  9. Makenna Makenna

    Love love love these straps and ohter set. Excellent quality and amazing price, definitely purchasing again in the future.

  10. Eli

    Better than I expected! Super fun and functiona

  11. Aria

    It matches the description. Good quality and resistance for now. I ‘ve been using them for a month and all great

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