Silicone tubing fingers

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Silicone tubing is convenient to carry, reinforced palm, finger strengt. Through the five fingers grip ring again and again at the same time, promote the palm each acupoint stimulation, make qi-blood unblocked, can restore muscle, prolong life of the function.

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– Silicone tubing applicable people elderly, rehabilitation, the mouse hand, generally campaigners, ms, adult men, etc. Is a home essential fitness equipment.

– Just start exercising, silicone grips on the palms, the hands of us will follow silicone tubing elasticity, clenched fists do little exercise. Adhere to two or three minutes later, the palm to the fingers will feel acid bilges, five fingers open, this time to do the stretch, from the finger to the tip of the finger have been fully exercise. Using environmental protection silicone, soft, no crack, long service life, does not stimulate the skin.

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Weight 20.0 kg
Dimensions 77 × 40 × 13 cm

Royal Blue 2pcs, Dark blue 2pcs, Blue, Blue 2pcs, Bundle, Royal Blue, Dark blue, Orange, Orange 2pcs, Green, Green 2pcs

2 reviews for Silicone tubing fingers

  1. Marco

    HAh,, very small and ussefull, i reccomend people who sit all day and look to screen !!

  2. Eno

    Good quality, fast shipping

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