Smart Running Corrector

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It can correct 90% of wrong running posture and identify 9 running posture data.
Full record of 11 sports data help you run more professionally.
Support treadmill recording put down your cell phone and run.
Support riding frequency to help you improve your riding efficiency.

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Before we get too far along, let’s me define what we’re going to focus on today.  These devices all measure various running efficiency and form metrics.  The theory behind them is that you can focus on one specific element (or a group of elements) and modify your running form.  By modifying your running form you may run more efficiently, which means that you can expend less energy to go the same pace (or spend the same energy and go faster).  Ultimately this is mostly all about either going faster, or spending less energy.  There are however elements around injury reduction too though, which some companies focus on more than others.

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Weight 60.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 40 cm


16 reviews for Smart Running Corrector

  1. Sophi

    at first I thought it was bullshit, over time I fell in love with it .. I use it everytime when i go to run… I can only recommend 🙂

  2. Maria

    A good thing, the description corresponds, everything works, in the management is simple. The seller put a spare battery-thank you

  3. Edvard

    quick delivery and good service!

  4. Miro

    oh my God I really like it thank a lot

  5. Marvin

    the best thing I’ve used ever! Super quiet and effective.

  6. Peter

    For me, the best runn tracker. If I add up the value of everything I’ve tested in the last year, it’s probably not far off 50e.

  7. Horacio

    i’ve had loads of stuff to test, including, skipping rope, smart watch, message ball, but this one product, its the best buy what can i do..

  8. Sandra

    very good smart innovation !

  9. Martin

    I use it only 2 times… But i realy enjoy it during summer, when i will be run over rivers and forest

  10. Fran

    excelent support, when i ask for function
    they send me tutorial and everything what i need , before i buy it

  11. Miloš

    fast delivery.:P

  12. Malin

    I use it every dday:3

  13. Anton

    it s big choice to lost it…be carefull

  14. Marcos

    10 day delivery too much !

  15. Anna

    i use it everyday

  16. Ignac

    i start run after this i got like gift 😀

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