Hip Resistance Bands

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3 pcs fabric resistance bands booty band set

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  • Make the workouts more effective. The resistance booty band for legs and butt are great to be used for toning, strengthening, and shaping your entire body. Ready to target your glutes, abs, and your hip, thighs, and calves at home.
  • Three different resistances. The booty band comes in the same sizes and 3 resistance levels for all stages of fitness enthusiasts. They are 15 inches in diameter and also 3.2 inches in width without sizing issues.
  • 100% breathable & durable. They offer a comfortable, sturdy, and strong resistance by high-quality elastic cotton material. The non-slip inner layer of the booty band will keep in place and will not be rolling while you are performing your exercises.
  • Soft cotton & Polyester fabric. Comfortable to be worn on bare skin for doing squatting and leg stretching. The fabric composition of this booty band remains to stay strong and stretchable avoiding slip or rolling during your hip and glute workout routine
  • Persistence will pay off. With this resistance booty bands set, you can tone your glutes, hams, and also quads at working out easily. Benefits: create a perfect peach butt; groom leg lines; raise the hip curve; local shaping loss of fat.



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Weight 430.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 cm


11 reviews for Hip Resistance Bands

  1. Miriam

    Feeling firm to and of good quality. I go they quickly try during a workout. First impression is in any case good

  2. Nara

    good rubber bands, but purple is very tight, with it I will probably not be engaged, the rest still did not go. The parcel reached exactly in 2 weeks, the track number was fully tracked to Moscow, then a week later immediately came the notification that they were in my post office

  3. Liana

    I really like what I need and quickly

  4. Amy G

    Perfect set of bands for around the house! I bought these bands because it was a set that offered more than three resistance types.

    I already had a set of thicker “booty bands” which work well but only for the glutes. I bought these on a whim and I’m very glad I did! I am an avid weightlifter but with COVID and the gym closures I’ve been stuck with only one set of small dumbbells for my arms.

  5. Martinez

    These bands stay in place, appear to be well made and are aesthetically pleasing. However, the medium to heavy bands loosen up too quickly and defy their purpose. Glad the set has a resistance variety.

  6. Anna

    I’ve tried different bands, but these are by far superior. Full disclosure: I just received them and have used them once so far, so I can’t speak to durability, but they seem strong and high quality. These are largely fabric, which makes the very comfortable, unlike every other type I’ve used, which have been primarily elastic like a giant rubber band. I’m so happy I purchased.

  7. Cute

    it is my first time buying a resistance band since i just started working out2 weeks ago. The bands are cute and colorful, I just used ut today and now i can feel that the section i was working on are sore or burning meaning it works ❤️., its easy to carry to like on the go with the bag that includes with the bands.

  8. Maryline

    They are amazing they are comfortable while working out and they meet the results you want

  9. Maryline

    These bands are seriously the best bands that I have used. The bands come in a pack of three and each band is labeled light, medium, or strong offering different resistance levels! These are so comfortable and so durable and they don’t pinch or fall out of place while trying to complete a workout. The bands come in a durable black bag which includes a 10 day leg challenge that you complete with the bands.

  10. Anatoly

    i finally Decided to upgrade my workout bands with this set and I am so happy I did! There is such a difference in these bands compared to the cheap plastic set I ordered. I definitely recommend spending a little more on these ones!

  11. Jakub

    my mum was pleasured !

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